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First-Day Assignments

Summer 2021

Evidence (Leben)

Read the Preface and pp. 1-36 (4th ed) or 1-41 (3d ed). First week we will cover pp. 1-130 (4th ed)/1-142 (3d ed).

Special Topics: State Constitutional Law (McAllister)

For the first day of class (Monday May 17), please read the Foreword and the Introduction Chapter (Chapter I) in the Casebook, the Kansas Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution. In advance of class, I will email you the course syllabus, and a copy of the Kansas Constitution, which also is available on both the Kansas Secretary of State’s website (https://www.kssos.org/other/pubs/KS_Constitution.pdf) and the Kansas State Library website (Kansas Constitution | Kansas State Library, KS - Official Website (kslib.info)).

You might also begin perusing Chapter II, which is a brief review of the interrelationship between federal and state law. This should be largely, though not completely, a review of your Con Law course. We will not spend long on this chapter, and I will cover it by lecture and discussion. If we have any time remaining on Monday, I may start it, but otherwise, it will be our starting point for Tuesday May 18.


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