Employer-Focused Initiatives

As employers, you should be aware of changes in the school and the initiatives we are undertaking to make sure we respond to your needs. These efforts are driven by our dedication to being responsive to the market, our students needs and ambitions, and by making you and your needs a top priority.

Current Career Services Office and law school initiatives include:

Rural & Solo Program

KU Law recognizes the need for skilled attorneys in small communities across the state. This effort is focused on promoting these opportunities to students and giving them an essential understanding of small and rural practice economics. If you are a rural or very small firm and have a need, suggestions or would like to be a part of the network of contacts critical to this program's success, please let us know.

Kansas Outreach

KU Law is committed to the state of Kansas, especially its smaller and rural communities. Our office is traveling to smaller communities across the state, meeting with firms and businesses, and developing the connections necessary to supply lawyers to the entire state, not just the big cities. The Rural & Solo Program mentioned above is a part of this commitment to expanding our reach. We are also more focused than ever on broadening our connections to local, county and state government opportunities and to placing graduates in business and industry, where they bring their analytical skills to bear outside the practice of law. We look forward to hearing from all of Kansas, and understanding how we can better fulfill our obligations to you, the citizens of our great state.

Geographical Expansion

Expanding the breadth and depth of our reach beyond Kansas is critical to our future success. We are traveling to cities where we have historically placed students and are seeking to increase those numbers, and we are also traveling to new markets where our graduates are interested in going. In both cases, your feedback and suggestions are critical to identifying openings in the marketplace.

Reduced Class Size

KU Law recognizes that the market for new lawyers has fundamentally changed. In response, we have reduced our incoming class size by nearly 20 percent. This reduction means that the size of the graduating class is better attuned to what we believe will be the market demand, and that the school can be more selective, ensuring that the quality of graduates will increase at the same time.

Road to Success Program

We have always found the efforts of professionals to come to KU Law and speak to be an invaluable way for students to meet leaders and be exposed to new career paths and ideas. To demonstrate our commitment, we are now also bringing the students to you.

Under this program, three to five students apply to the Career Services Office to meet an expert in a field within the region. If the application is approved, we bring that group of students to your office where you can meet with them and give your advice in a more intimate setting and to a group of truly dedicated students.

The program saves you a trip to Lawrence and the attendant loss of at least a half day of work time between preparation, the presentation and driving here and back. The students make a more personal connection and have to prepare for it like an interview, dress for a formal meeting and get a chance to see inside your organization. If you are interested in participating in this program, please let us know.


Contact the Career Services Office

Heather Spielmaker, Assistant Dean
hspielmaker@ku.edu | 785-864-9257

Stacey Blakeman, Director
staceyblakeman@ku.edu | 785-864-0239

Meredith Wiggins, Assistant Director
meredith.wiggins@ku.edu | 785-864-4377 

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