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Set in one of the top-ranked college towns in the United States, the University of Kansas School of Law is an excellent place for international students to begin or expand their legal careers. Students benefit from attending one of the leading law schools in the Midwest, yet paying one of the most affordable tuition rates among Top 100 law schools. Our International and Comparative Law program teaches international students the fundamentals of American law, while exploring issues of both public and private international law.

S.J.D. and LL.M. students may also elect to participate in KU Law's free bar prep program. Learn more about the program and eligibility.

Whether you are new to law school or have years of practice experience, KU Law offers a program to suit your needs:

LL.M. in American Legal Studies
The LL.M. in American Legal Studies provides international students with an introduction to the breadth of American law. KU Law offers one of the most affordable international LL.M. programs among U.S. law schools. Students who complete the LL.M. will be prepared for the further study of law in the United States, select bar examinations, and the practice of law internationally. More...

2-Year J.D. Program for Foreign-Trained Lawyers
The 2-Year J.D. Program for Foreign-Trained Lawyers is open to students who have earned a law degree from a foreign institution. A successful candidate is admitted with 30 transfer credits and is eligible to complete the degree at the University of Kansas and sit for the bar examination in any state in the U.S. More...

Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.)
Foreign-trained lawyers interested in deep legal research and writing, and a career as a legal scholar or senior public official are encouraged to pursue the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) degree. In an increasing number of countries, having an S.J.D. awarded by an American law school is extraordinarily helpful in promotion and advancement. More...

International Partners
KU Law is pleased to partner with international universities to further our mission of cross-border legal education and understanding. Our memoranda of understanding with global institutions encourage interaction, program development and cross-marketing of degree programs. More...

Overseas Visiting Scholars Program
The University of Kansas School of Law regularly serves as host to visiting scholars from overseas. The program aims to provide an opportunity for professors, practitioners and graduate students from other countries to enrich their own experience and the KU Law community in a way that can lead to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between the scholar and KU Law faculty and students. More...

International Program Information: Brochures

Interested in learning more about the international and comparative law program at KU? Browse our program information and brochures.

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