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Law school communications director named Employee of the Month

Friday, March 31, 2017

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas has announced the January Employees of the Month:


Name: Joanne Eden

Title: Grant officer, Office of Research

What that means: Eden is a team lead and supervises five staff members. They manage more than 900 sponsored awards, each with unique and specific attributes. Eden manages her team to correctly monitor and process all necessary budget allocations, payroll and non-payroll cost transfers, revenue balancing, financial reporting and much more. Eden is thorough, meticulous and understands her work thoroughly. She takes the time with her team to ensure that they understand the scope of their work.

Notable: Eden has such extensive experience that she is the “go-to” person for every aspect of post-award services. One person said, “We often joke that she contains more knowledge in her pinky than the rest of us put together collectively. That sounds like hyperbole, but in reality it’s so very true.” She is known to be able to untangle even the most complicated and layered problems. She is consulted by not only colleagues at the Office of Research but by procurement teams, contract officers, other grant officers as well as coordinators throughout campus.

Eden handles her work with grace and humor. She has a calm demeanor that has built strong relationships with her team and with the shared service centers. She takes the time to educate others on campus about the questions they encounter. She makes sure others have the resources needed to manage their grants.

Eden never forgets a birthday, frequently brings in fresh flowers to brighten the work area and keeps a tradition of keeping the office refrigerator stocked with ice cream. When the work load gets overwhelming, a sweet treat is there as a pick-me-up for her team and others.


Name: Mindie Paget

Title: Director of communications and marketing for the School of Law. 

What this means: In this role, Paget is charged with managing all of the communications and publications for the law school. Her tasks run the gamut from writing basic press releases to developing an overarching communications plan, to creating artwork for promotional posters.    Paget was instrumental in initiating the School of Law’s social media presence through Facebook and Twitter as well as continuing to maintain the school’s office website. Paget is responsible for producing the KU Law alumni magazine twice a year and has done a stellar job.  Her marketing and communications skills has clearly helped elevate the law school.

Notable: Paget is always willing to help with a project outside of her direct area. She is often called upon for her creative input, design skills and communication savvy.  Paget is always open to new ideas and requests for help.  In addition to running all law school's communications, she is the school’s events photographer, social media coordinator and creative director.  With limited resources, Paget does an amazing job. She is an expert writer and editor, a fantastic designer and a skilled digital strategist.

Paget is the perfect blend of professional, forthright and personable.  Paget is described by a colleague as “the friendliest person you will meet,” and another said Paget makes the law school a more pleasant work environment.  Paget is a true team player, bringing enthusiasm and reliability together graciously. As a supervisor, she provides support and guidance, empowers others and supports professional development.