The Technology Department is dedicated to providing support for faculty, staff, and students at the University of Kansas School of Law. If you require assistance, please contact Kris Koenig. If he is not available and you need immediate assistance, please contact the Computer Center Help Desk at 785-864-8080.

Wireless Network

We have an extensive wireless network allowing Internet connectivity almost anywhere in the building. To take advantage of this service, you must be affiliated with the university (faculty, staff or student), and you must have a portable computer with wireless capability. Many portable computers (laptop, notebook and handheld) come with built-in wireless capability. Check the documentation or contact the manufacturer of your computer to verify its wireless compatibility. If your computer does not have internal wireless capability, you can add it via an external PCMCIA card or USB port wireless adapter. PCMCIA and USB wireless adapters work equally well.

Internal and external wireless peripherals must conform to the 802.11b, 802.11g or WiFi standard to function correctly on the KU Law network. Wireless adapters will list 802.11b or 802.11g compliance on the packaging and/or in the manual. Currently the law school network does not support other wireless standards such as 802.11a.

The School of Law operates a building-wide Local Area Computer network, with approximately 160 personal computers. The school and the Wheat Law Library are served under a single technology umbrella, and the network architecture provides a single point of entry to all electronic resources in the School of Law. All faculty, students and staff have access to up-to-date word-processing, spreadsheet and database software, along with electronic mail and full Internet access.

Students have access to more than 50 computers in the building. Wireless access points are available in the library and in classrooms for students to connect to the Internet with their personal notebook computers. KU online ID and password are required to gain access to the student computer and the wireless network. Configuration and networking software are provided free of charge by the law school's full-time IT staff.

Student email accounts are provided free of charge.

Computing Facilities at the Law School

Primary Student Access Computers

  • Computer Lab 306D, 8 PCs
  • 3rd Floor Carrels, 10 PCs
  • 2nd Floor Library Reference Area, 3 PCs
  • All computers are equipped with full Internet access, word-processing software, and access to law library printers. Additionally, these computers may be used to access a variety of legal research databases. To print Lexis Advance documents for free, as intended, students should follow Lexis Advance instructions on how to print documents and not just send the print job to a law library printer.

Clinics and Student Publications

  • Legal Aid, 6 PCs
  • Project for Innocence, 4 PCs
  • Kansas Law Review, 6 PCs
  • Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy, 6 PCs
  • All equipped with full Internet access, word-processing (Word and WordPerfect)

Wired Network Connections

  • Students should use the wireless service to access the Internet on their personal computers. Wired computer ports are reserved for computers that belong to the KU School of Law.

Local Area Network and Printing Information

Login Procedures

  • Log in to student computers using KU Online ID and password
  • Make sure 'Home' is selected as domain name
    • Username is generally the same as your KU online login. 
    • When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a password.
    • Password must be at least 7 characters, have at least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, 1 special character, and can not include any part of your name.
    • You are limited to one login at a time.

    Printing Procedures

    Lexis Advance provides free printing of Lexis documents to current students. You need to follow Lexis instructions on how to print documents to the Lexis printer in 306. Lexis-related material can be sent for printing from any Web-enabled computer.

    All other documents may be printed to Wheat Law Library printers. Law students are allocated 1000 pages of free black & white printing by the Law School at the beginning of each school year. To take advantage of this you will need to send print jobs to printer 200 free (2nd floor) or 300 free (3rd floor). Once this fund is depleted you will need to use funds on your KU card (Beak'em Bucks). Each black & white page will cost 8 cents to print; color will be 48 cents. Report any printing problems (poor quality, jammed paper, etc.) to the Circulation Desk if you are trying to print to law library printers.

Student Email Information

  • Register outside email address
  • Personal Web pages
  • A full Outlook client is available on all student computers and research computers to access your exchange email
  • Outlook Web Access allows you to access your email from any Internet-enabled computer

Recommended Computer Purchase

The law school recommends purchasing a notebook computer from a well-known company with good service and support. Dell, Gateway and IBM are among the companies with which we have had good experiences.

  • Pentium® Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 processors (we do not recommend Celeron processors)
  • At least 2 GB Memory
  • 160 GB hard drive
  • 802.11g Internal wireless adapter

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Windows XP (or Linux or Mac OS) on my computer?
How much space do I get for storing files and email on the network?
Are notebook computers required?
Can I use an Apple Macintosh?
Should I buy a notebook or desktop computer?
Is the system I already have sufficient?
What do we mean when we say we do or don't "support" a product ?
I own or plan to buy a system with 128MB instead of the recommended 256MB minimum. Is this OK?
I want to buy an X brand (i.e. non-Dell, IBM, Gateway) computer. What do you think?
What kind of support can I count on from KU Law for my notebook computer?
How can I get help with my notebook?
What software should I have on my computer?
How can I connect my computer to the Internet?
Should I purchase a printer?

Can I get dial-up Internet access?
I can't afford to buy a notebook. Is any financial help provided by the school?
Where is the best place to buy a notebook?

Can I use Windows XP/Vista/7 (or Linux or Mac OS) on my computer?
You are free to use any operating system you'd like on your own computer, but the IT staff can provide only minimal support for non-Windows operating systems. The law school uses Exam4 for final exams; Exam4 currently only supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and OSX 10.4+.

How much space do I get for storing files and email on the network?
You are allowed 500MB of space for storing email on the email servers (administered by Academic Computing Services). Additionally, you are allotted 20MB of free storage space available on their myKU portal.

Are notebook computers required?
No. Notebooks are not required, but are highly recommended. We have 25 general use student access computers available for all law students to use. These computers are available at any time the law library is open. Additional computers are available in the Legal Aid and Project for Innocence clinics, and the Law Review and Law Journal offices.

Can I use an Apple Macintosh?
Naturally, you are free to purchase and use any computer you would like. However, the vast majority of law firms, corporations and government agencies that employ law school graduates use Windows computers, and the law school believes you should have substantial experience with them.

Should I buy a Notebook or Desktop?
The law school recommends purchasing a notebook computer. They provide greater flexibility and mobility. The price difference between notebook and desktop computers has narrowed significantly.

Is the system I already have sufficient?
To remain useful and productive for 3 years of law school, we recommend your computer meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Pentium 4 or newer processor, (we do not recommend Celeron processors)
  • 2GB Memory
  • 80.0 GB Hard Drive
  • Internal wireless network card

What do we mean when we say we do or don't "support" a product?
While the technical support staff is here to help you with your computer problems, we can't offer complete support for student-owned computers. Any problems not connected with your law school network access will need to be referred to your computer's vendor or manufacturer.

I own or plan to buy a system with 1GB instead of the recommended minimum of 2GB. Is this OK?
Computers running Vista or Windows 7 will show drastic improvements with 2GB of memory or more. However, netbooks running XP may be able to perform adequately with 1GB.

How can I get help with my notebook?
Call or email Michael Oehlert to make an appointment. If your problem relates to connection to the law school network, we will resolve the problem. If your problem is with your computer hardware or operating system, we will try to offer you a preliminary diagnosis of the problem, and refer you to your computer's vendor.

What software should I have on my computer?
Microsoft Word is the law school's word processor of choice, though Corel WordPerfect is also available on the student access PC's. Note that even though both applications claim to read each other's files, the conversion process can easily become a nightmare, particularly if your document uses footnotes. If you are sharing files with faculty and other students, you should use the same word processor for the best compatibility. If you are using OpenOffice suite, make sure to convert any documents to Word format before submitting. Anti-virus software is critical. University of Kansas students can obtain Sophos antivirus software for free. Consult the virus information page at the main KU website.

How can I connect my computer to the Internet?
You can connect your own notebook to the law school network and get full Internet access and printing Westlaw and Lexis/Nexis. The "JAYHAWK" wireless network is available to students, faculty and staff. Once connected to this network, you will be required to open a Web browser and type in your KU Online ID and password to establish connection to the Internet

Should I purchase a printer?
You can print from the lab computers. This service costs 8 cents a page and is charged to your KU card account. The university provides $8 of free printing each semester. However, should you wish to purchase your own printer, we strongly recommend a laser printer. Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, and Lexmark make quality inkjet printers, and HP also makes quality laser printers.

Can I get dial-up Internet access?
No. Kansas University does not provide dial-up service to to the Internet.

I can't afford to buy a notebook.  Is any financial help provided by the school?
The Financial Aid Office may be able to award you additional financial aid for the purchase of a computer. For more information, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 785-864-4700 or

Where is the best place to buy a notebook?
Our recommended manufacturers all sell direct. See,, or For comparisons and reviews, see or



Kris Koenig
IT Coordinator