Brett Hallagan - Student Ambassador

Brett Hallagan

3L | San Diego, California | San Diego State University | He/Him

Hey! My name is Brett Hallagan, and I am a 3L from San Diego, California. I graduated from San Diego State with my bachelor’s in political science, but not before I got most of the way into a hospitality and tourism degree. After my undergrad, I worked for a boutique public relations firm at the beach by day and served beers for the oldest brewery in San Diego by night. 

As a non-traditional student, law school seemed like a big jump, and I definitely took my time exploring other possibilities. However, I realized that law school was where I belonged, and KU was where I was going to start my journey.

It might sound cliché but attending law school is more than an avenue to obtain a law degree, it’s an opportunity to grow as a person. Personally, my biggest regret in undergrad was not being a more active member in student organizations and programs. When deciding on law schools, it was the opportunity to change that regret with programs like the 6th Semester in D.C., Judicial Field Placement Program, and an abundance of student-run groups for every niche that solidified my decision in attending KU Law.

After just one year I have already experienced some of these amazing programs and found myself in every organization I’ve ever dreamt of being a part of. It was a student ambassador who opened my eyes to these possibilities, and just like they were there for me, we will be here for you, to guide you and show you what being a part of this community is all about.

As many of you might be, I was a little timid about packing my bags and moving halfway across the country. But let me tell you, the people of Green Hall make this a second home, and if you're worried about making friends, you’ve got one right here. I truly look forward to seeing you around Green Hall and Rock Chalk!

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