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Donald Pinckney

Donald Pinckney 

1L  |  Toledo, Ohio  |  University of Toledo  |

Hello! My name is Donald Pinckney, and I am a 1L at the University of Kansas School of Law. I am originally from Toledo, Ohio but I have lived throughout the country including Wisconsin, Georgia, California and Nevada. I graduated from the University of Toledo with degrees in political science and public administration, but spent years working in information technology.

Since the law and politics are so closely intertwined, I always had an interest in law school but never actually applied. After experiencing job instability due to COVID-19, my family asked me to think long term and pursue my dreams instead simply finding another job. Their request encouraged me to reconsider law school and follow through on my interest from years prior.

Under the best of circumstances deciding which law school to attend is stressful, but deciding during a pandemic felt overwhelming. Instead of traveling to different schools to make a decision, Zoom links and YouTube videos became my window into each community. It was remarkable how quickly the University of Kansas assembled an online program for prospective students. KU’s ability to adapt and build out a welcoming program on short notice cemented my decision to attend the University of Kansas.

So if you are reading this and unsure about where to attend law school, reach out. I took a giant leap of faith moving to Kansas 19 days before classes started, but I do not regret that decision and can answer any questions about the University of Kansas School of Law. I hope to hear you from you or see at Green Hall soon!

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