Bar Exam Preparation

The CSO strongly recommends that students do all they can to prepare for the bar exam, regardless of jurisdiction. This may include participating in programs sponsored by KU Law or other institutions, and taking commercial study programs. In all cases, you should assume that between the time you graduate and the date(s) of the bar exam, your success will depend on treating bar study, at a minimum, like a full time job requiring 40 hours a week or more of highly dedicated study.

Courses and materials to help you prepare for the bar exam can be found below:

Career Services Office

Bar preparation in specific areas offered in the spring by the Career Services Office. The schedule for this program will be released in the spring.

Wheat Law Library

The library offers a collection of print and electronic resources for bar preparation.

Commercial Bar Preparation Services

There are various commercial bar preparation services available. KU Law does not endorse any of these programs, but we believe that the materials, coursework and discipline imparted by participation in such programs can substantially increase a student’s ability to succeed on the bar exam. Accordingly, while each student must evaluate their own capabilities and the financial cost of participating in such a program, the potential impact of failing to pass the bar exam should not be underestimated. Below is a list of commercial bar preparation companies that submitted materials to The National Jurist Magazine’s Bar Exam Advisor in early 2012. The statements made are those of the companies, and we have not vetted them, so approach their claims as a good and skeptical consumer.

  • AdaptiGroup’s MBE Preparation Program & CA Baby Bar Only AdaptiBar combines 100% licensed questions from the NCBE and patent-pending adaptive technology that adapts to your strengths and weaknesses while calculating your optimal timing in each subject. AdaptiBar perfectly supplements any comprehensive course. $395 per session. Baby Bar preparation program combines 100% licensed MBE questions and patent-pending technology that adapts to your performance and adjusts to your studying needs. AdaptiBar also calculates your optimal timing in each subject. $295 per session.
  • AmeriBar’s Comprehensive Bar Review Courses AmeriBar offers self-study courses with comprehensive coverage of the essay, MBE, and MPT. Outline books, released questions and answers and online/iPod audio lectures and materials and phone support are provided. $795 to $2695.
  • BARBRI Bar Review The nation’s leading comprehensive bar review course for over 40 years with over 1 million students succeeding. BARBRI offers State-specific courses in all 50 jurisdictions through live/video classrooms, online and handheld devices. Tuition includes BARBRI AMP, online software.
  • BarMax CA Harvard Law alumni teamed with top developers to create the only comprehensive CA and NY bar exam prep course (calendar, lectures, outlines, flashcards, REAL practice questions and personalized feedback) available for download in the Apple App Store. $999.99.
  • BarMax MBE Harvard Law alumni teamed with top developers to create the only comprehensive MBE prep course (calendar, audio lectures, outlines, flashcards and 1,471 REAL previous MBE questions) available for download in the Apple App Store. $499.99.
  • California Bar Edge Study Package The California Bar Edge Study package is an all-inclusive online solution for California bar study. Includes streaming videos, outline reviews for each topic, 25 short answer questions and 5 essay questions with issues analysis and sample answers. $559.95.
  • Celebration Bar Review Since 1995, Celebration Bar Exam Review has provided the finest in personal home study bar review courses utilizing the latest developments in technology and educational practice. Our pass rates are consistently the highest in each jurisdiction. For California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Multistate and California FYLSE exams. Also offers iBar, an iPad version and iPhone apps. Online Homestudy $795 to $1245; Mentored Courses $2495 to $7995; iPad $1995 to $7495; iPhone $599/module.
  • Flemings Bar Review Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law is a full service bar review and law school skills based provider. We offer comprehensive bar review courses, legal exam workshops, legal study materials, and private tutorial services to law students and bar review candidates in every stage of their legal education. $2995 to $6400; Homestudy On-Line Course: $2995; CA Baby Bar Review: $575; CA Baby Bar Review Homestudy: $625; Legal Writing Workshop: $235; Legal Writing Workshop / Homestudy: $260.
  • Kaplan Bar Review Complete Bar Review in 28 states plus Washington D.C. which covers almost 85% of all bar takers nation wide. $1250 to $2550.
  • Kaplan Bar Review Supplemental Bar Exam Preparation You’ll learn how to apply your knowledge the way the bar tests it with: Exam-like MBE practice questions, unlimited essay grading, and a daily regimen that progressively tailors to improve your weakest areas. $299 to $1149.
  • MyBarPrep MyBarPrep was founded in 2001 to create a low-cost solution for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). We give students outlines, flashcards, practice questions, and free unlimited tutoring via email. $199.99.
  • Pieper Bar Review For more than 40 years, Pieper has been building and solidifying its reputation as the premier bar review course for students. Pieper helps students pass the UBE by providing thought-provoking examples, extra lesson time, an emphasis on note-taking, and easy-to-mneumonics. $2400; Early Start Home Study Program: $3300.
  • Reed Law Group Our law-related review courses offer performance-based, interactive learning techniques that can be applied to each law-related exam, making complex issues easy to understand, easy to remember, and easy to apply during stressful and time-sensitive conditions. Three levels offered for full course, plus iPad and online options. Full course: $3495 to $12495; Online: $1295; iPad: 2995.
  • Steve Emanuel's Bootcamp for the MBE The most trusted name in bar preparation now brings you Bootcamp for the MBE, an interactive web-training tool featuring Steve Emanuel's personal training methods, with instructional content and audio explanations. $195.95.
  • Supreme Bar Review Why pay thousands of dollars for a traditional bar review course? Get complete bar review lectures for all of the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) subjects, plus MPRE, at an affordable price right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. More than just a collection of flash cards or quiz questions, these apps truly put the subject in your pocket with three to six hours of lecture video, full outlines also complete mobile video courses.
  • Themis Bar Review Complete online course with a Personal Adviser for every student. Bar review preparation course available in 20 US jurisdictions. Themis features lectures with assessment questions, a daily schedule, practice exams, and printed materials. Themis tracks progress and provides individualized feedback on unlimited graded essays. $1495 with money-back guarantee.
  • Flemings Substantive Law Outlines/Audio Fleming’s Fundamentals of Law is a full service bar review and law school skills based provider. We offer comprehensive bar review courses, legal exam workshops, legal study materials, and private tutorial services to law students and bar review candidates in every stage of their legal education. $70/$85.
  • "Cheat-the-Bar" Cheat-the-Bar is a completely unique MBE prep course that gives a test taking strategy that will dramatically increase your score by allowing you to take the MBE “in the flow,” accessing stored information in the subconscious easily and accurately. $149.50.
  • Perform Your Best on the Bar Exam Performance Test (MPT) by Mary Campbell Gallagher Train to Finish the MPT in 90 Minutes "Like a SportTM" with 12 Actual MPT Tasks from the NCBE, plus 12 Answers and Analyses, by Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D. Just released. For both the MPT and the California Performance Test. Dr. Gallagher's MPT-MatrixTM for noting all research on one piece of paper, plus four-step MPT system. See reviews and order on $77.95.
  • Rigos Bar Exam Series Dependable and affordable, the Rigos Bar Review Series makes studying for the bar exam easy by allowing you to choose the volumes most appropriate to your Bar Exam. Pricing varies by volume, $39.95 - $249.95.
  • Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays by Mary Campbell Gallagher In-depth Strategies and Essay-Writing Practice that Bar Review Courses Don't Offer, With 80 Actual State Bar Exam Questions and Answers, by Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D. Dr. Gallagher's Under-Here-ThereforeTM Essay System and abundant practice on state bar questions. Students should sign up for two free chapters at or $50.95.
  • Scoring High on Bar Exam Essays by Mary Campbell Gallagher CD Companion, with Mary Campbell Gallagher, J.D., Ph.D. Explanations and instruction for Dr. Gallagher's essay systems, to take with you running or in the car. $43.95.
  • Strategies & Tactics for the MBE More than 550 NCBE released questions per MBE subject with in-depth original author explanations. Revised to reflect the most recently-released MBE questions and up-to-date substantive rules. $77.95.
  • Strategies & Tactics for the MBE 2 Includes all new NCBE questions and original MBE questions. A complement to Strategies and Tactics to the MBE or a standalone MBE resource (no overlap of questions). $54.95.
  • Strategies and Tactics for the Finz Multistate Method (Multistate Bar Exam) More than 1,100 author-created questions, written in the MBE style and format, and a 200-question practice test are included. Includes a section on breaking down MBE questions, recognizing legal issue, and avoiding examiners' traps. $77.95.
  • Supreme Bar Review’s Bar Exam University Offering comprehensive video lectures on MBE subjects and MPRE, at an affordable price. Complete outlines for each subject can be purchased in eBook format. Individual MBE $19.97, Complete Outlines $24.95.
  • Survival Series: Bar Exam Survival Kit The Bar Exam Survival Kit contains 15 law charts, containing the essential checklists of legal issues, and shows you how to apply them to problem solving. The Kit also has a step-by-step approach to preparing for the exam and essay writing. Written by BARBRI Professor Jeff Adachi. $34.95.
  • Survival Series: Complete Bar Cards Complete Bar Cards are flashcards specifically designed for the bar exam. The cards are color coded, with illustrations and easy-to-memorize rules and "total recall" mnemonics. Successfully used by thousands of students. Includes all California bar subjects. $79.95.
  • Survival Series: Bar Breaker The Bar Breaker is a complete self-study course on passing the California Bar Exam's essay section. The book contains over 100 bar questions and answers, with strategies and techniques, including the 6 Steps of Exam Writing, written by BARBRI professor Jeff Adachi. $99.95.
  • AmeriBar’s 1-On-1 Customized Bar Exam Tutoring AmeriBar offers 1-On-1, customized, assignment-based phone tutoring focused on critical strategies and test-taking skills for all portions of the bar exam and includes access to online materials. All tutoring has a prorated money back guarantee! $1249 (for 6 sessions).
  • BAR EXAM TUTORS by Mary Campbell Gallagher Personalized learning, for the MBE, the state bar exam essays, and the MPT. In-person in New York City or by telephone worldwide. Course includes 15 hours of coaching plus four-day Combo. $5,245.00.
  • AdaptiGroup’s Smart Online Flashcards for the MBE Access over 850 online flashcards that provide a thorough substantive review of every MBE subject. Review black-letter law, track your performance, and flag cards to revisit. Great for 1L and 2L final exam preparation, too! $95 for lifetime access.
  • Bar ExamEdge Mobile Applications Six Multistate Bar Exam iPhone and iPod Touch apps offer a comprehensive set of questions and answers, with a Review Mode offering instant feedback and a Test Mode that randomizes questions and offers a timer to simulate test conditions. $4.99 each.
  • Bar Study Schedule’s iPassBAR iPassBAR creates your personal bar study schedule according to study preferences, time constraints, and exam dates. It automatically adjusts the schedule based on your test results and proximity to the bar exam. Free: we are beta testing the web-based version of our product and we are offering it during the test trials at no cost to students.


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