KU Law’s curriculum equips law students with the legal knowledge and practice-ready skills needed to succeed.  

Clerkships are available in both federal and state courts. Law students interested in applying for clerkships are aided by the law school’s Judicial Clerkship Committee and the Career Services Office.

Judicial Clerkships

A considerable number of KU Law graduates accept judicial clerkships. The school’s Judicial Clerkship Committee has overseen a doubling in the number of federal and state court clerkships obtained by law school graduates, including positions at prestigious federal courts of appeal.

Circuit Court Clerkships

In recent years, six KU Law students have been selected to clerk at a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. A circuit clerkship is a prestigious and challenging post-graduate opportunity for law students to develop a relationship with a circuit court judge and to observe the legal practice in action. Learn more about circuit court clerkships on the KU Law blog.

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Heather Spielmaker, Assistant Dean of Career Services

Stacey Blakeman, Director of Career Services

Meredith Wiggins, Assistant Director of Career Services

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