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LEAD: Legal Education Accelerated Degree Program

LEAD - Legal Education Accelerated Degree Program


KU is excited to offer its students an innovative program that allows KU students to earn both a B.A. and a J.D. degree in six years instead of seven.

For complete information, please visit the LEAD website. 

As a KU LEADer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Earn a B.A. and J.D. in six years
  • Be guaranteed admission to KU Law after your junior year, provided that you meet the admission requirements
  • Have opportunities to connect with KU Law professors and students prior to your admission
  • Prepare for your career through specialized law-related educational activities and internships opportunities

To be considered for this program all you need to do is submit an essay on one of three topics, or you can submit the essay you wrote for KU’s Honors Program. The essay topics and application can be found on KU's undergraduate admissions website.

View complete information about applying to the program.

The right place at the right time
Zachary Kelsay, L'21

Nate Crosser, L'19

Zachary Kelsay, L'21

Ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted to be a lawyer. When my mom would read stories to me before bed, I remember there was a book all about people who work (construction workers, teachers, doctors, etc.). However, like most kids for no rational reason, I only wanted my mom to read one page: the one with the people in suits carrying briefcases and talking to a jury. 

I chose KU because of one thing: the LEAD program. The LEAD program allows students to “double dip” their undergrad elective credits with their first year of law classes to get a Bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor in 6 years. 

Though I am younger than most of my peers, Green Hall is a very supportive environment where people of many different experiences contribute to the school’s character.

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From newbie to whiz kid
Samantha Wagner, L'19

Samantha Wagner, L'19

Samantha Wagner, L'19

“The best three years of your life that you will never want to experience again.” That was how a current lawyer and mentor described law school to me. And let me tell you, he was right. I am currently in my first year, and it is the most challenging, stressful thing I have ever done. That being said, I am loving law school! It is amazing, and I have made closer friends in the last few months than I had through years of undergrad.

I have had my sights set on law school since high school. I am a member of the inaugural class of KU’s Legal Education Accelerated Degree Program. It is a 3+3-year program for my bachelor’s and law degrees. Part of being in the LEAD program means that my first-year law classes are counting toward the last year of my bachelor’s degree, and after I finish my 1L year I will graduate from undergrad. ...

Starting law school at age 20 has had its ups and downs. But here are the top five things about being a little bit younger that made law school better:

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Assistant Dean, Admissions

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