Understanding the expectations of professionalism and business etiquette is essential to putting your best foot forward.

Review the resources on this page to hone your professional skills, learn how to prepare for virtual meetings, and dress for success.

CSO Tips for Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become part of our daily professional lives. Learn how to put your best foot forward with these tips from the CSO.

Virtual Meetings - Preparing Before the Call

  • Review the meeting agenda if it was provided.
  • Write down relevant questions you want to ask. If they do not apply to the entire team, think about asking them by phone or email separately.
  • Dress professionally even though it is a remote meeting.
  • Silence alarms and notifications on your cell and computer so they do not interrupt the meeting.
  • If you are nervous about log-on procedures, test the link 15 minutes before the meeting. Then log off and connect again at the appropriate time.
  • Make sure your reception is good. Taking your phone off Wi-Fi can increase the bandwidth available for your meeting.
  • Make sure your location/background is appropriate:
  • Try not to log in outside, where sirens, wind, and landscaping noises are beyond your control.
  • Keep windows closed during meetings to avoid unwanted background noise.
  • Be careful to choose a spot where household members and pets won’t drift into the screen or be heard.

Virtual Meetings - Tips for During the Call

  • Be careful not to log on too early and stay off-screen and muted until the meeting begins.
  • Keep the screen stationary.
  • Sit upright in a chair rather than slouching, sitting on the floor, or lying down.
  • Keep yourself muted unless you are talking.
  • Avoid eating during the meeting.
  • Avoid multitasking during the meeting. People notice when you check your cell phone.
  • Keep notes and follow up immediately after the meeting by setting reminders for any deadlines given.
  • Remember that to obtain “eye contact,” you look at the camera, not at the screen.
  • To avoid interrupting, make sure there is an adequate pause before you unmute and start speaking. Think about using the “raise hand” option if it is a larger group.
  • If you encounter tech problems, do not get stressed out. Roll with it and try to get it straightened out. Employers and team members will understand!

Dress for Success

This presentation lays out the main takeaways of professional dress, sets forth the general professional style norms in the legal profession, discusses interview attire as well as non-interview attire, and covers some important tips to keep in mind.

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