Field Placement Program

Field Placement Program

The Field Placement Program provides students an opportunity to perform legal work under the supervision of a practicing attorney at approved governmental agencies, as well as nonprofit legal services organizations and nonprofit public national and international organizations. Students will work a specified number of hours per week under the supervision of a practicing attorney, complete a goals memorandum, maintain weekly journals of their experience, participate in online discussions, and write a final reflective paper.

Fighting the good fight
Miranda Luster, L'19

Miranda Luster, L'19

Miranda Luster served as a legal intern for the Shawnee County Public Defender’s Office and the Capital Appeals and Conflicts Office in Topeka as part of the school’s Field Placement Program.

At the Public Defender’s Office, Luster wrote motions and did jail intakes. She went to the jail to meet with clients and record their basic information, including health history and whether they are able to make bond.

Through this position, she found the most reward in helping others.

“I know public defenders get a bad rap, but this job is really important,” Luster said. “We help people who don’t have the money to hire an attorney get through a complicated legal system and come out with a result that’s best for rehabilitating the client and the community.”

Luster hopes to use the experience and knowledge she gained from her internships to launch her legal career.

“My goal is to join a state public defender’s office in Kansas or Missouri, so I can continue fighting the good fight,” she said.

Read more about Miranda's experience.

Admission to the Field Placement Program

In order to enroll in Law 894 Field Placement Program and receive credit for a field placement, you must:

1) Have completed two semesters of law school;

2) Be in good academic standing;

3) Have a firm field placement offer that meets the requirements below; and

4) Apply and be accepted into the Field Placement Program.

Field Placement Ideas

If you are not sure where you want to work, or want more placement ideas, please make an appointment with Professor Jennifer Schmidt at to discuss ideas and options for field placements.

Field Placement Program Limits

1) A student may earn a maximum of six hours of Law 894 Field Placement Program credit toward graduation; 2) Law 894 Field Placement hours count toward the 16-credit hour limit on field placement and clinic credit hours that may be applied to graduation.

Field Placement Application Process

The Field Placement application form is available online in the “Apply for the Program” tab above. Please submit a hard copy of this completed form and supporting documentation to Yolanda Huggins, in room 212 inside the library.

Field Placement Program Enrollment

Once your application has been reviewed, if admitted, you will be notified of your admission into the program and sent an enrollment code that will enable you to enroll in Law 894 Field Placement Program.

If you are enrolling for summer, please enroll for the first summer session, rather than the second summer session, regardless of which part of the summer you will be working.

Field Placement Program Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: August 19

Spring Semester: December 1

Summer Semester: May 15. If you missed this deadline and would still like to apply, please contact Professor Schmidt at

Field Placement Job Requirements

1) The field placement must be with a government entity or a nonprofit. Credit is never given for work at a for-profit entity.

2) You may not have previously worked in that position for pay.

3) You may not be paid for your field placement work. This excludes some general stipends.

4) You must be directly supervised by a licensed attorney.

5) Your work must be primarily legal work.

Field Placement Hour Requirement

You are required to work 42.5 hours for each hour of credit earned. Written work required by the classwork component may count toward these hours.

Field Placement Coursework Requirements

In addition to working at your field placement, students are required to: 1) Complete online coursework: 2) Meet with Professor Schmidt at least once during the semester either in person or by phone; and 3) Keep a weekly reflection journal and submit a final reflection paper.

Field Placement Orientation

All field placement students are required to attend Field Placement Orientation in person prior to the beginning of their field placements.

Required Professionalism Seminar

Each student is required to attend the Professionalism Seminar. If you have already attended this seminar prior to your work with another field placement or clinic, then you do not need to attend it again. Questions? Please contact Professor Jennifer Schmidt at

Field Placement Program Application

Applications are due to Yolanda Huggins via email by December 1, 2020. Huggins' email is If you missed this deadline and would still like to apply, please contact Professor Schmidt at

Students must attend both a mandatory orientation class and a mandatory Professionalism in Practice class in person. Students who do not attend will not be able to receive credit through the Field Placement Program. Students should plan their travel and the start dates of their field placements accordingly.


Field Placement Application (PDF)

Supervising Attorney, Student and Faculty Advisor Contract (PDF)

Field Placement Requirements (PDF)

Supervising Attorney Manual (PDF)

Supervisor Evaluation Form (PDF)


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