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Visiting Scholars

The University of Kansas School of Law regularly serves as host to visiting scholars from overseas. The program aims to provide an opportunity for professors, practitioners and graduate students from other countries to enrich their own experience and the KU Law community in a way that can lead to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between the scholar and KU Law faculty and students. Learn more about the program and application process.

Yijun Meng
Visiting Scholar
420A Green Hall

Yijun Meng is conducting comparative research in the area of IP education to gain a better understanding of IP international cooperation.

Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor, School of Economics & Management, Wuyi University
418 Green Hall

Qiongdi Chen studies patent technologies and strategies in clean technology. Her research at KU Law explores how patent policies affect clean technological innovation and examines the patent strategies used by clean technology enterprises.

Doğan Durna
Visiting Scholar, European Union Expert, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Republic of Turkey
416 Green Hall

Doğan Durna analyzes agricultural biotechnology policy and law in Turkey. His research explores international biotechnnological inventions and plant varieties and their application in the Turkish agricultural sector.

Xiu "Monica" Huang
Visiting Scholar, Ph.D. Scholar, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China
420A Green Hall

Water law scholar Xiu "Monica" Huang conducts research for her doctoral dissertation, "Sino-China Comparative Study on the Legal Issues of Water Resources Allocation and Usage in the Coastal Areas of the Inter-Basin Water Transfer."

Visiting Scholar, Senior Assistant Professor, Delhi University

Dr. Jha conducts research on International Criminal Law. He specializes in Human Rights Law. 

Ali Nawaz Khan
Visiting Scholar, Lecturer, University Law College, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, Ph.D. Candidate, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Ali Nawaz Khan researches institutional arbitration in Pakistan. His current research evaluates the role that institutional arbitration plays in settling international disputes between investors and states. 

Visiting Scholar, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Rights, B B Ambedkar Univeristy

Dr. Shashi Kumar conducts empirical research on human rights violations against marginalized people. He explores globalization and human rights and their impact on marginalized people in India. 

Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor, School of Politics and Law, Ningxia University
416 Green Hall

Liting Li studies intellectual property law and its impact on economic development. Her research at KU Law includes advanced intellectual property law and theory, social science research methods, and comparative intellectual property law research.

Yueqing Li
Lecturer, Department of Law, Xinzhou Teacher's University, Xinzhou, China
416 Green Hall

Yueqing Li conducts comparative research on Chinese and American corporate law.



Bakht Munir
Visiting Scholar, Ph.D. Candidate, International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Bakht Munir studies the link between constitutionalism, Islam, and judicial autonomy in Pakistan. His research explores how the judiciary has been used to justify military action and the role it plays in bringing stability to Pakistani democracy. 

Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor, Kunming University of Science and Technology

Haiming Qi studies legal issues pertaining to the protection of natural resources. Her work at KU Law focuses on natural resources property and liability arrangements, U.S. natural resources protection, and natural resources damage and compensation.