Melanie Almendarez - Student Ambassador

Melanie Almendarez

1L | Wichita, Kansas | University of Kansas | She/Hers

Hi! My name is Melanie Almendarez and I am a 1L from Wichita, Kansas. I am a first-generation college student and Law student! I received my undergraduate degree in spring of 2023 from the University of Kansas. I double-majored in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Business.

My aspirations to become a lawyer began during my junior year of high school. After taking an administered test to determine what career aligned best with our goals and passions, my characteristics aligned best with the practice of law. As a Latina woman and daughter of immigrants, I always wanted a career that would allow me to help and advocate strongly for people in need, especially Latino minorities. The field of law would allow me to do just that.

I attended KU for my undergrad with the intention of attending KU Law immediately after. I had explored my options when the time to decide on a school finally came around, but ultimately, I knew KU Law was going to be the best option for me. Lawrence itself is such an inclusive and amazing community, and these characteristics are found within KU Law as well. The student community is very supportive of each other, diminishing the competitive nature of law school. The outstanding faculty and staff have also been very supportive during this learning curve and have made it easier to feel like I truly belong here.

The process of looking and applying to a law school is very difficult, especially if you are a first-generation college and law student like me. I had so many questions and I am very grateful for those who helped me during this entire process.  I would love to do that for anyone else who is struggling to navigate the process as well, so please reach out to me with anyone questions you may have about KU Law or the process in general. I am happy to help!

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