Tanya Singh - Student Ambassador

Tanya Singh

1L | Manhattan, Kansas | University of Kansas

tanya.singh@ku.edu | She/Her

Hello all! My name is Tanya Singh, and I am a 1L from Manhattan, Kansas. I attended the University of Kansas and was awarded bachelor’s degrees in biology and political science.

At KU, I was part of the LEAD Program and University Honors Program, which allowed me to attend events and take courses which promoted my intellectual curiosity about the legal field. Being a part of this program allowed me to complete my undergraduate education in three years and go straight to KU Law. As I was a summer starter, I began law school shortly after my graduation in 2023.

I had known that I wanted to attend KU Law after being accepted into the LEAD program, which made the law school admission accessible and convenient, and removed a lot of stress associated with the process. I found that KU Law was the best fit for me as it is close to my hometown and provides a generally well-rounded legal education to students which emphasizes the acquisition of professional skills.

It can be intimidating to navigate the variety of opportunities that are available to students at KU, whether from undergraduate programs or the school of law. If you have questions about the KU School of Law and its offerings, or any of the undergraduate programs I listed above, please feel free to reach out or schedule a visit. I am here to help you with the law school admissions process and want to make sure you feel empowered and informed in making a decision!

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