Wren Browne - Student Ambassador

Wren Browne

1L | Midland, Michigan | Saginaw Valley State University

wrenbrowne@ku.edu | They/Them

Hi there! I'm Wren Browne, and I'm a 1L originally from Midland, Michigan. I received my undergraduate degree from Saginaw Valley State University where I majored in political science and minored in legal philosophy and criminal justice.  

I have always had an interest in family law and divorce court. I've gotten to see firsthand the way that it can drastically change people's lives, and being part of that process sounds incredibly rewarding. My main goal is to advocate for those who are often overlooked or have very little agency of their own, and that has been a driving force in my amateur championing for intersectional justice and tikkun olam.  

While looking for a law school, there were just two things I was keeping in mind: what would help me pursue my interests, and getting out of my comfort zone.  KU becoming my dream school was a very pleasant surprise! This is the furthest I have ever been from home, but it is quickly becoming a close second. While 1Ls are just getting our feet wet here, there is so much to explore. Regardless of the niche you’re looking for, there’s a class or clinic to take or someone willing to point you in the right direction. There are so many opportunities here, and the environment is so incredibly supportive.  

I’m always around if you have any questions, or even just need a chat – feel free to reach out whenever!

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