Reagan Hoskin - Student Ambassador

Reagan Hoskin

2L | Pittsfield, Illinois | Kansas State University | She/Her

Hello! I’m Reagan Hoskin, a 2L from Pittsfield, Illinois! I graduated from Kansas State University with an agribusiness degree in 2022. 

I decided law school was my next step during my third year of undergrad and I chose to go straight through. Law was never something I had considered until I was looking for a job during junior college. I took a job at a rural practice law firm in my hometown. That’s when the light bulb moment happened. I always wanted a career that allowed me to help people in my community and I had found one. 

When looking for a law school, I was searching for one with a high value at an affordable price. KU Law has outstanding professors who are approachable, faculty that care about the students, and a strong student community. Beyond that, KU Law is committed to affordability. When I visited during Admitted Students Weekend in the spring, I knew I was home. I had found the high value I was looking for at an affordable price. 

The law school application process is difficult and deciding where to go is even harder. If you are like me, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” so I had no idea what questions to even ask. Please reach out, I am always happy to chat, answer questions, or discuss concerns. I look forward to meeting you! Rock Chalk!

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