Libby Rohr - Student Ambassador

Libby Rohr

3L | Leawood, Kansas | University of Chicago | She/Her

Hey there! My name is Libby Rohr and I’m a current 3L at KU Law! I grew up in Leawood, Kansas, south Kansas City suburb. For my undergraduate degree, I studied history at the University of Chicago with a specialization in U.S. law and government. I also took an interest in Italian renaissance history (feel free to ask me about the decade that a giraffe wandered free around Florence), and the history of labor. I knew for a long time that I wanted to work with survivors of discriminatory violence, and once I realized law was the avenue for me, the only question was where I wanted to study it!

I went straight through from undergrad to law school. I applied to schools all over the country, but I realized quickly that KU was the right fit for me. The opportunity to be close to family and the affordable cost were definite advantages, but, ultimately, it was the reputation of the culture and faculty that made KU Law the right decision. I wanted professors who cared about scholarship AND their students. KU Law has a unique balance of both. I heard stories about teachers who really knew their students, and even went out of their way to help them get where they wanted to go. It’s been a privilege to join such an incredible and driven group of people.

Please feel free to reach out, whether you have questions, concerns, or just want someone to chat with. It would be my pleasure to welcome you to Green Hall!

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